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If you can’t influence you can’t lead. Joe’s highly interactive speaking programs are designed to help you transform your culture by giving your leaders the tools to achieve Extraordinary Results. Are you ready to help your leaders transform your leadership culture?


Extraordinary leaders know they must learn and master the skills necessary to Coach and Influence others. Joe’s Leadership Coaching Programs are specifically designed help you and your leaders get out’ve your own way. Are you ready to take the next step to develop yourself as a leader?


Our Leadership Development Programs are changing the way businesses develop leaders. Our multi-faceted approach blends accountability, education, interactive skill-building and coaching to radically change how your leaders lead. Are you ready to help your leaders achieve extraordinary results?

Inspire Your Leaders

As a leadership speaker, Joe inspires his audiences to take 100% accountability and ownership for the results they are achieving in their lives. His goal: disrupt their thinking so they can remove the obstacles they are putting in their way. His interactive and humorous programs will engage, change, and influence your leaders so they can more effectively influence others.

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Are You Being an Ordinary Leader or an Extraordinary One

Joe's Latest Book - Extraordinary Results for Life

Discover Your Path to Be UN-ordinary!

Part II in the Extraordinary Results Series

“An extraordinary life isn’t a place where you finally arrive. It isn’t a destination. It is a collection of the thousands and thousands of decisions you make throughout your life!”

This is a book about change. And while a lot of folks say they want to change, few of them do. Instead, they seek what is ordinary, what is common, known, and comfortable.

If you truly want to live an extraordinary life, you must be willing to look inward and change!

Extraordinary Results for Life is all about you discovering your path out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. It is not a quick-fix, 21-day path to nirvana but an ongoing process for life…your life!

In this book you will learn:

  • A new and genuine perspective on what being extraordinary looks like.
  • The 3 levels of change present and available to you throughout your life.
  • The greatest obstacle to change and how to overcome it.
  • How to reframe 12 areas of your life to move you closer to being more extraordinary.
  • A process that will lead you to discovering your path to your very own, very personal extraordinary life.

If you are willing to look inward and lean in so far that you can never go back, this book was written just for you!


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