About Leadership Expert Joe Contrera

Helping Extraordinary Leaders Achieve Extraordinary Results!

Joe Contrera is the president and founder of ALIVE @ WORK ® LLC, a leadership development company committed to helping Extraordinary Leaders Achieve Extraordinary Results!

  • As a leadership speaker, Joe inspires his audiences to take 100% accountability and ownership for the results they are achieving in their lives. His goal: disrupt their thinking so they can remove the obstacles they are placing in their way.
  • As an executive coach, Joe helps leaders shine the light on the obstacles that are blocking their path to achieving the success they desire.
  • As a leadership consultant, he founded, The Art of Leading, Coaching, & Influencing Others ®, a fully-integrated leadership development program that is radically changing the way companies educate and develop their leaders.

Joe is the author of four books. His most recent book, Extraordinary Results for Life: Discover Your Path to be UN-ordinary is the next book in the Extraordinary Results series.

It is quickly becoming a must-have resource for anyone  who is interested in transforming their leadership or their life from the ordinary to the extraordinary.


For more than 30 years, Joe has been leading, educating, and coaching people. He is a professional member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), an international professional organization made up of 3,800 of the most successful speakers in the U.S. He has served on the Illinois Board of Directors, where he was awarded the Wordsmith Award by his peers for excellence on the platform. Joe has also served on the Phoenix Chapter Board of Directors. He is certified in the field of DISC Behavior, Motivator, and Emotional Intelligence Sciences, a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in San Rafael, California, and a member of the International Coaches Federation (ICF). His passion is igniting the fire in leaders so they can create an ALIVE @ WORK ® Culture where their teams can bring their very best selves to the workplace.


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