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Joe Contrera is the president and founder of ALIVE @ WORK ® LLC. He helps Extraordinary Leaders Achieve Extraordinary Results. Joe is the author of three books, his latest book, Extraordinary Results: Mastering the Art of Leading, Coaching, & Influencing Others is changing the way leaders leverage influence to achieve higher levels of productivity and employee engagement. We hope you enjoy the blog, and please be sure to share these blogs with your friends and colleagues who want to have a more ALIVE @ WORK ® Mindset in the workplace!



The New Crack Cocaine…

The New Crack Cocaine… If you have recently watched any sporting event, you have probably noticed the recent influx of commercials for online sports betting. Actually, it is impossible to escape them! Chances are you have been exposed to an ad for Caesar’s Sportsbook, BetMGM, Fubo Sportsbook, Wynnbet, BetfredSports, Bet Rivers, Unibet, Fanduel Sportsbook ,…


Can We Talk About Truthfulness…Honestly?

Can We Talk About Truthfulness…Honestly? With what seems like a continual flow of untruthfulness and dishonesty from our politicians, the media, and practically every institution, is it any wonder why we have become numb to the whole idea about what it means to be truthful? “Reality” television shows retake scenes until they get it to…

I can't belief this

I Can’t Belief This!!!!

I Can’t Belief This!!!! How many times have you said to yourself: I just can’t believe this? Was it after seeing something that didn’t make any sense? Was it after seeing something that outraged you? Maybe it was seeing or experiencing something that you couldn’t explain? One of the models I use with clients is…

truth shall set you free

And the Truth Shall…Set You Free

And the Truth Shall… A few weeks ago I had an opportunity to work with a  group of leaders. At one point in the day we arrived at a fork in the road. Path A: Ignore the elephant in the room and continue to pretend that everything was “fine,” even though everyone knew it was…


Having a Bad Day?

Having a Bad Day? Have you ever had one of those days? You know the day I’m talking about, the one where you feel like your whole world is being turned upside down and everything is going wrong? And the harder you try to fix it, change it, or make it better…the worse it gets.…


Change Your Brain Now!

Change Your Brain Now! If you want to change your life…start by changing your brain. Daniel Goleman, the father of Emotional Intelligence shared information a few years ago about the field of Neurogenesis. He said that scientists have discovered that your brain generates 10,000 new stem cells everyday! So much for killing brain cells eh?…


Who’s On Your Team?

Who’s On Your Team? As I reflect over the first two months of this year, I was struck by the number of leaders and teams I had the privilege of working with. I have the privilege of walking alongside these folks and help them push past their comfort zones to do the hard work of…


10 Life Lessons I Have Learned…So Far!

10 Life Lessons I Have Learned…So Far! As each year passes I realize that I continue to learn valuable lessons.  So I thought I would share a few of them that I’ve been thinking about lately. Some of them were welcomed, while others were learned the hard way, but I think that is what this journey…