Extraordinary Results – Audio Version


Extraordinary Results – Audio Version
Mastering the Art of Leading, Coaching & Influencing Others (2nd ed.)


Whether you have been leading others for twenty days or twenty years, your ability to lead is directly connected to your ability to influence.

Leading, Coaching, & Influencing others is an art, if you want to achieve Extraordinary Results, you must not only possess the tools needed to lead, coach, and influence others, you must master these skills.

In this latest book, Extraordinary Results, Joe Contrera shares the concepts and ideas from his seven-month, in-depth leadership program with you, so you can start Mastering the Art of Leading, Coaching, and Influencing others today!



You Will Learn How To:

  • Influence others instead of trying to control them so you can exponentially increase the productivity of your team.
  • Facilitate group discussions by leveraging the power of the team to work together and create their own solutions to their challenges and problems.
  • Handle one-on-one Coaching conversations in a way that reduces conflict and gives team members a greater sense of purpose and meaning from their work.
  • Mastering the Art of Asking Powerful Questions so that accountability and ownership for the work is on your team and not on you.
  • Leverage the skills professional speakers use to influence and engage their audience.


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