Light ‘Em Up!


How to Ignite the Fire in Your Sales Team in Just 21 Days

Fire ignites fire!  Author Joe Contrera brings executive sales coaching and management together for the first time in a simple, effective 21-day program.  This easy-to-read guide will help you identify and reignite the fire that inspired you to become a leader.  Whether you lead a team of sales people or accountants, every leader needs to know how to coach, lead and influence others—especially those you wish you had authority over, but you don’t.



In his book, Joe reveals:

  • The seven coaching skills that will transform you from a leader who manages to a leader who influences
  • How to avoid the 21 most costly mistakes most managers make
  • The key to inspiring and motivating your people so they have pride in their work as if they owned their own business
  • How to hold your people accountable and direct their needs so they consistently exceed goals and quotas
  • The secret to staying balanced, centered and focused so you can achieve more in less time with less stress
  • The two critical components you must have in order to motivate and engage your people

After reading this book, you’ll be prepared to improve overall sales leadership development and ignite the fire in your own team!

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