Racism: Are We Evolving or Revolving?

I have been thinking about the whole concept of evolving. Evolving or to evolve as a person seems to be a popular topic  these days, along with being conscious or enlightened. Maybe it is because of the challenges we have been faced with this year.

The meaning of the word evolve means to make more complex, to develop. Which for me is the anti-thesis of what I believe it means if we are to evolve as human beings.

Our evolution as human beings has led us to a multi-tribal mentality that promotes differences which leads to racism. Our evolution is rooted in the belief that we are made of a thousand different races, instead of simplifying it down to one race … the human race.

If we are to evolve, if we want to stop spinning in circles (revolving), we are going to have to step back and change our approach. Which means we must start looking at what is similar, what is the same, not what is different!

Watch Author and Leadership Speaker, Joe Contrera, offer a more simple perspective on this incredibly complex topic.

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