Extraordinary Love: Loving Self (Part II – VIDEO BLOG)

Extraordinary Love: Loving Self I don’t know that many of us were taught as children to love ourselves in a healthy way. The programming we receive as children teaches us that the love and acceptance of others is more important than the love and acceptance of ourselves. I believe there is a stigma attached to loving…

Extraordinary Love

Defining Extraordinary Love (VIDEO BLOG) Part I

Defining Extraordinary Love Living an extraordinary life means that there are certain non-negotiable areas. These areas of your life are where you need to push outside of your comfort zones, beyond what is common, safe, and known to you! Love happens to be one of those critically important areas. If you want to experience extraordinary…

Love and Accountability – Happy Valentines Day!

It’s easy to want to blame or fault others when certain aspects of our lives aren’t going the way we want, especially when it comes to love and accountability. And yet few people embrace the concept that we are 100% responsible for the results we attain in our lives. This includes our thoughts, actions, and emotional well being. Accountability begins when we take 100% responsibility for every aspect of our lives … accountability begins with you!