George it's an Integrity Thing

George…it’s an Integrity Thing!

in·teg·ri·ty – /inˈteɡrədē/  noun 1. the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. 2. the state of being whole and undivided. There seems to be a “lack of integrity” epidemic infiltrating our society. In all actuality, this dis-ease that has been around for quite awhile, although it seems to be spreading wider,…

Integrity, Authenticity, & Finding Your Authentic You -2

Integrity, Authenticity & Finding Your Authentic Self

“Be yourself – not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of yourself should be.” – Henry David Thoreau Integrity, Authenticity & Finding Your Authentic Self For years we have talked ad nauseum about integrity. It seems to be a non-negotiable or a must have in any situation, corporate vision statement, or personal mission…

Honestly … Can We Talk About Truthfulness?

With what seems like a continual flow of untruthfulness from our politicians and the media, is it any wonder that we have become numb to truthfulness. “Reality” television shows retake scenes until they get it to a point that will captivate the audience … and in doing so they move further away from the truth and further away from reality. Whether it is by omission or the careful selection of one’s words … being untruthful is the same as lying!