Ideas + Actions = Success

This week we’re talking about success … After pondering the topic I had this realization, ideas are simply thoughts that when acted upon, materialize in the physical world and push us closer to success. The Empire State Building was just an idea that formed in someone’s mind. It took action and a whole lot of collaboration to bring it into existence and become the historical icon that it is today.

Jumping Into The Deep End …

A while back, a friend of mind and I were discussing the topic of commitment. I was sharing a situation where I felt that I needed to be ‘all in’ or not. Sitting on a fence for too long can become uncomfortable. My friend was telling me about a television show he watched where they asked a guy if he knew how to swim. The guy replied, “Sure, I watched videos on the internet and practiced on the kitchen floor!”

Change … an About-F.A.C.E.™

Life continuously offers us opportunities to change and move forward in your growth and development. This may mean that you need let go of the past and embrace your present situation. It may mean that you need to view an old problem from a new perspective in order to find a solution. Or, it could mean that you need to attempt something difficult or different, something that pushes you past your fear and far beyond your comfort-zone.

The Art of Leading Coaching & Influencing Others: Accountability, Ownership, & Impact?

The Art of Leading Coaching & Influencing Others: Accountability, Ownership, & Impact? The world is changing and so is the role of a leader. It is becoming increasingly important for leaders to understand where accountability, ownership, and impact lie. The question is whether it falls on the employee or it falls on the leader. A lot…

Emotions, Decisions, and Business

Emotions, Decisions, and Business There is plenty of research on the role that emotions play in the decision-making process. Some folks believe that people make decisions based on rational analysis. And yet, research shows that emotions play a much bigger role because our emotions determine our preferences and we make choices based on what we prefer.…