Achieving Greatness…Need a Nudge?

Achieving Greatness…Need a Nudge? Years ago, I attended the National Speakers Association (NSA) Annual Conference in California. For those of you who don’t know NSA is an organization made up of some of the world’s best professional speakers. Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Dr. Norman Vincent Peal, and Og Mandino are just a few…


The Challenge to Be Extraordinary (VIDEO BLOG)

The Challenge to Be Extraordinary (VIDEO BLOG) Defining what you believe about being extraordinary by anyone other than yourself, is very dangerous. Why? Because if you allow others to define extraordinary for you, you will always be conforming to someone else’s’ ideals or way of life. And if they choose to live an ordinary life…

Ideas + Actions = Success

This week we’re talking about success … After pondering the topic I had this realization, ideas are simply thoughts that when acted upon, materialize in the physical world and push us closer to success. The Empire State Building was just an idea that formed in someone’s mind. It took action and a whole lot of collaboration to bring it into existence and become the historical icon that it is today.