The Challenge to Be Extraordinary (VIDEO BLOG)

The Challenge to Be Extraordinary (VIDEO BLOG) Defining what you believe about being extraordinary by anyone other than yourself, is very dangerous. Why? Because if you allow others to define extraordinary for you, you will always be conforming to someone else’s’ ideals or way of life. And if they choose to live an ordinary life…

Defining Leadership … I’m an Excellent Driver (Video Blog)

Defining Leadership … I’m an Excellent Driver Defining leadership is about as easy as trying to describe the experience of tasting chocolate  to someone who has never experienced sweets. Why? Because everyone has a vastly different opinion about how to define leadership. I once heard a so-called expert on everything define driving in traffic and not…

Influencing Others: Outside-In or Inside-Out

Influencing Others: Outside-In or Inside-Out Your greatest ability to influence others comes from the fact that influencing others is not an outside-in job … it is an inside-out job! Before I explain why … answer the following questions and be brutally honest with yourself: In a conversation with another person, do you spend the majority…

Positively Positive!

You’ve heard the saying, “garbage in … garbage out.” When it comes to your thoughts and your words, the same principle applies … what you think will determine what you do AND what you say. Most people have heard these statements before … what you sow is what you reap, be careful who you hang out with it is who you will become, thoughts become things, etc.

A Systems Approach to Success

A wise mentor once told me that in order to have success, I needed the ability to repeat the processes that were creating success in my business and my life. In other words … systems for success. This was difficult as I don’t naturally think in a process and procedure way. However, after he spoke, I realized that I needed systems in my life if I wanted to achieve a higher level of success.